How To Get Free Traffic To Your NFT Project in 2022

Get your NFT collection in front of NFT buyers for zero cost

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How To Get NFT Website Traffic For Free in 2022

The Blueprint: How to get your NFT in front of NFT buyers for no cost

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UPDATED JULY 29, 2022 11:25 AM EST

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Hey everyone, in this video I'm gonna show you the method we used to get our NFT project in front of thousands of NFT buyers all looking for their next purchase which lead us to selling out our collection in 5 days and generating $278 thousand dollars.

Make sure you stay until the end because I am going to tell you what I'd do differently running the same strategy today.

Now to be clear I'm not any sort of financial advisor therefore I don't give financial advice.

I'm just sharing a strategy that worked for us. That's all.

One of the biggest myths in NFTs is that if you build it, they will come.

Many NFT projects spend months building their project only to realize they have no idea how to get their project in front of people.

The NFT space has become extremely competitive as it has become cheaper and easier to create and sell NFTs.

And when NFT collections can bring in thousands of dollars, it has attracted a lot of competition.

So how do you differentiate your NFTs from the vast open sea of cartoon animals?

And how can you get exposure without spending a fortune on mass marketing?

Some projects try to raise awareness with mass marketing which can be cool but here'a the problem with that...

The reality is, non-fungible tokens are still a small, obscure, niche.

when marketing nfts consider how small of niche nfts still are compared to how many people there are in the world

Most of these people are probably not buying NFTs (yet...)

A lot of people think they are scams - and some are..

So marketing to the masses probably isn't a great option, what are some other options to help spread awareness?

Some may consider trying influencers, who for a fee, advertise NFTs on their social media accounts.

Their fee will likely vary depending on size of their audience.

The problem here is...

There are two types of influencers.

  • The type who won't do any promotions because they don't want to risk losing the trust they worked to build with their audience

  • The type of influencer who will do almost any paid promotion to the point where most people ignore the posts. The problem here is that by doing this, the influencer quickly loses the trust he or she has with their audience.

So if influencers aren't a great option....

How can you get in front buyers?

Specifically people who already buy NFTs.

Well what if we pose the question differently?

Where are NFT buyers already going?

This slight difference in approach can make all the difference in results...

For example, imagine you're trying to sell your super niche bee-keeping kit and you decide to advertise on a billboard alongside a busy highway?

The highway might get a lot of traffic but...

Do you think this bee-keeping kit billboard would generate much sales?

Probably not because 99% of the people who see the billboard will have no interest in the product.

So $0.99 of every dollar you spend advertising is completely wasted showing your billboard to people who have no interest in your product.

since nft marketing is marketing to a smaller niche, billboards are probably not a good use of ad spend

Where you spend you're ad dollars matters! Spend it where you have the best chance of finding the right audience.

But compare this to a Google search where someone types into Google searching where they can research a bee-keeping kit before purchasing.

Do you think a bee-keeping kit ad on Google's search results page would stand a better chance of converting into sales?

intent based marketing strategies can perform better with nft marketing

Of course, and that's why Google can get away with charging for keywords.

And depending on the keyword, it could cost a lot.

So how can you apply this intent based marketing approach for NFTs because people don't typically go to google to search which NFTs to buy

And instead of sending a mass marketing message about a super niche thing like NFTs...

So where do people go looking to research NFTs to buy?

In the early days, it was usually keeping your ear to the ground in certain Discord channels.

But this meant you had to spend a lot of time in Discords servers....

Which was time consuming and the window of opportunity was sometimes small and often left NFT buyers frustrated when a project gets mentioned in a server overnight while you were sleeping and wake up to learn that you were too late because the project had already sold out.

So some folks decided to solve this problem by creating websites that listed upcoming NFT projects that were launching soon.

One nft marketing strategies is to submit your nft collection to all the upcoming nft website to get free nft traffic for your nft marketing campaign

These sites were useful because it gave buyers a heads up on what was minting that day and if they had some spare time they could research future projects ahead of minting.

One problem here is that if they didn't set a reminder on their phone of the mint date then the chances of them actually remembering the date and time of the mint, then coming back to mint are low.

These sites get millions of visits each month from NFT buyers looking for their next purchase.

With the popularity of NFTs, new list sites are always popping up too as sites are looking to monetize NFT traffic

Typically, the lists are ordered by their mint date and include links to the projects website, Twitter, and Discord.

Projects that are minting soon will be listed near the top of the list while projects with a later mint date will appear further down the page.

So by showing your project on these types of sites, you are focusing on visitors that are interested in NFTs.

Because if a visitor wasn't interested in NFTs, then they probably wouldn't be an NFT website in the first place

And because of all this, I think this is a more strategic placement compared to a mass market placement, especially if you don't have a big marketing budget.

If you're looking to sell your own NFTs and you want to make sure you get your launch right, you can apply to join my private coaching group at - I'll put the link in the description.

We posted our project Pitcrew on several of these upcoming sites before minting like - just thinking the more eyes the better...

And what we saw with our website traffic was as our mint date approached, we moved up and up the NFT upcoming list, simultaneously getting more and more visitors to our website.

nft website traffic leading up to the nft mint day from the combined nft marketing strategies

Website traffic leading up to the mint on the 29th

Now this is awesome and all but if these people just come and check you out once, that doesn't help.

You need to make sure you have a way to reach out to these people when its time to buy.

And I will give you a hint from the next video, relying on Discord and Twitter won't cut it.

why only announcing your nft mint on twitter and discord is a nft marketing mistake when launching an nft collection

So knowing what I know now, and seeing how much traffic was driven from these sites, one thing I would do differently is: I would have found the sites with the highest traffic and prioritized listing Pitcrew on those sites first.

As I mentioned earlier, we listed Pitcrew on several of these sites, but from our data, and some sites had a significantly larger impact than others.

One website drove in the majority of the traffic while others drove some but small in comparison.

One thing I'd consider doing differently if launching again, is researching deeper to build a long list of websites that allow you to list your NFT projects on them.

Then using this list, I would want to know which sites get the most traffic and how do they rank against each other?

I would then prioritize getting listed on the websites with the highest traffic.

But how can you tell which website gets the most traffic?

One way, is by using tools such as

see which nft website gets the most traffic so you can prioritize that website in your nft marketing strategy

This tools lets you see how much traffic a website gets.

Then after ranking each site against each other based on traffic, I'd have my list of sites to begin submitting applications to ahead of the launch.

Now most people think that when launching an NFT project its best to announce the mint from their Discord and/or Twitter.

The problem with this is most people don't have the time to spend all day in Discord servers or don't have Twitter notifications enabled so there is a good chance they wont even get the announcement.

Another problem is that Twitter's algorithm decides how many people and who to show your tweet to.

Twitter is incentivized to keep users on the platform for as long as possible.

So if the tweet doesn't have high engagement, it is likely to have an even smaller impact.

So how did we reach our audience at launch?

If you want to know how you can reach 98% of your audience when you go to launch your NFT collection then check out the next video.

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